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Piero Caputo

Piero Caputo

Piero Caputo, naturally carved from Italian wood, is a person who has always shown a passion for creative applications and we notice this not only in his paintings….

Art, food and fashion…These are the three outlets which are very important in his life.

We find a great love back from Pop-Art in its initial period, which was also dedicated to a young love with Sophie, his “principessa”.

“Dedicated to my wife, my principessa…

She is my inspiration, my strength, my creativity, my energy, my muze, my love…

Hence this art piece, a 3D crown in gold named “BE THE QUEEN” = Sophie (every woman is a queen!)

The crown, this one gives confidence to my own personality, just be who you are and don’t be tempted by others to change that.

N°22 “Be The Queen” / 2016/ 100x 140

Made with a lot of glass, it shines…

FEEL GOOD vibrations!”

The Story behind Piero’s passion for Art Food and Fashion has been documented in this first publication named ‘My Life’ , wich can be found in the link below.

The Art

Through his art, Piero is translating his emotions towards current and past events, by providing a visualization of his brainwaves. As a positive anarchist, he uses atypical methods, colors and materials to portrait his expression.

The size represents the impact that the subject has on his current mindset. The bigger the piece, the larger the impact this had on his life.

His art all has one overarching factor: they all start and end with positivity, even if the topic isn’t necessarily positive.

Pierro caputo

The Food

Food is passion, passion is love and love is life… all that is ART of being human.

For Piero, food and art are connected and ever flowing. Referring to his artwork where he uses real life circumstances to translate them into a positive message. This also reflects in his dishes. Combining the ingredients he is surrounded with, seasonal, fresh and pure. By combining them while preparing, he is already visualizing the harmony it could display on the plate.

Activating multiple senses by bringing his art in exquisite dishes, visually, emotionally, and tastefully. Every ingredient is carefully selected and translated to a language only the heart understands.


With his Italian roots, his artistic nature, and his excentric vision on the world, Piero’s creations are iconic and serve those who are able to perceive life itself and its ever evoking emotions.  

food pierro caputo